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Information architecure re-design of Everyday Rewards website

Role: Lead UX/UI Designer

Duration: 6 months

The problem

"How might we shift the Everyday Rewards website from being seen as admin channel to becoming the facilliatator of connected customer experiences across our ecosystem?"

Over the course of 6 months, I was the lead UX/UI designer tasked with re-designing the Everyday Rewards website. 

Background and project goals

Purpose of re-design

Initially the project timeline was set to 3 months, however, upon revision of the deliverables, this was extended to 6 months. Over this time period we completed a range of discovery activities to understand how to best re-design the information architecture and navigation for the Everyday Rewards website. 

Research outputs 


After conducting the following activities:

  • Audit of existing work

  • Strategy alignment

  • Competitor analysis

  • Website audit

  • Journey mapping 

  • Analytics synthesis

I synthesised the findings into visual outputs for a kick-off workshop to align over 60+ stakeholders in the journey of the rewards website IA & Navigation re-design. Summary outputs and screenshots of my working process and workshop are included below.

The outcome

Hi-Fi design