A little bit about me...

I'm currently working at Servian as a UX/UI Designer. I have experience solving challenging UX/UI problems across multiple industries (pharma, health, government, logistics, meat industry to name a few).  I'm also currently completing my Masters in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney and have a high distinction average.


I'm really passionate about using the power of design and my background in psychology to solve challenging societal problems. My goal in 2022 is to use the power of design to tackle climate change and mental health. Click here for a recent example of a product design initiative I took to help increase climate change engagement at work. 

In my spare time, I love learning new things and am particularly drawn to the world of illustration, 3D modelling and learning VR/AR development (see some of my projects here). 

If you like what you see let's connect!