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I'm Ananda.

A UX/UI designer, connector and researcher.


I'm passionate about creating social impact through design. I love making the world better by improving the way products and services touch users. My 2022 goals are to tackle mental health and climate change issues through design. 

My design superpowers

I'm a well rounded designer who can build a product end-to-end. Whether that's helping you define your  strategy, conducting research or designing development ready hi-fidelity prototypes.  

I'm curious and analytical

  • Design Strategy 

  • Competitor analysis

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods

  • User interviews

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Data analysis (web analytics, google analytics)

I'm platform agnostic

  • Proficient in all prototyping tools (figma, sketch, adobeXD)

  • Designed for mobile, web, internal platforms, data visualisation projects

  • Design systems

I'm constantly learning 

  • Illustration (procreate, adobe suite) and 3D modelling (blender, gravity sketch in VR)

  • Unity and game design

  • C# (beginner)

  • html, css, javascript (beginner)

  • Premiere pro

  • VR/AR development

Notable Clients

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